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We offer an alternative to classical international law firms. Our lawyers advise to a global best practice standard, offering clients the pooled expertise of lawyers coming from major and independent law firms.

Our legal senior experts are geographically oriented and based:

  • South America 
  • Commonwealth of Independent States  
  • South Asia and USA
  • East Asia 
  • Southeast Asia  
  • Africa (excluding North Africa)
  • North Africa
  • Middle-East 
  • France, the UK and Europe 
  • the US 

All our legal senior experts have professional experiences abroad and are involved in numerous international cases and in multi-jurisdictional procedures and are thus able to respond effectively to the requests of our international clientele. Several of them have received higher education abroad; several are members of foreign Bars and professional or international associations; all legal senior experts work in English on a daily basis, and sometimes in other foreign languages corresponding to the geographical area they are used to dealing with.

Our legal experts have offices or partners' offices in Paris, London, New-York and 50 emerging countries in the world, as well as close ties with economic and institutional operators in the regionsThey assist governments, businesses and individuals with their investments, their establishment and operations.

Our service comprises a wide range of legal expertise complemented by a resolutely transversal approach to assignments. 

As each field of law becomes more complex, specialisation is essential. Our legal senior experts have specialised industry departments but also a multi-disciplinary approach concerning areas of practice which are designed to provide coherent solutions.

Our multi-practice legal experts offer customised and commercially viable solutions based on a deep understanding of international private companies, financial institutions and public entities needs.

Our mastery of the most sophisticated legal techniques enables our clients to carry out top tier transactions.

We ensure that each assignment is allocated a dedicated lawyer who will work with you at all times throughout its term. 

Our legal senior experts assist and advise our clients in the following areas of practice:

  • Corporate law
  • M&A and Private equity
  • Securities law
  • Insolvency, Bankruptcy & Debt Restructuring
  • Arbitration & Alternative Dispute Resolution
  • Corporate Litigation & Dispute Resolution
  • Business Criminal Law
  • Large projects (Finance and Infrastructure)
  • Public law & Environmental law
  • Labour law
  • Real estate law
  • Intellectual and Industrial Property
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We advise listed and non-listed companies, as well as international corporations in all questions of corporate law. We assist companies from creation to development.

We help business leaders in the execution of their strategy and implementation of all legal operations necessary for changes in the social life of their company.

  • Creation of companies and subsidiaries (SMEs, Mid-cap companies and Large firms)
  • Shareholders' agreements and all types of extra-statutory consensus
  • Implementation of stock option plans and ECB free shares
  • Capital transactions
  • Issues of securities

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We advise entrepreneurs, investment funds and listed and non-listed companies for all their merger, acquisition, sale, transmission and equity issues. We assist them in their negotiations and achieve all operations necessary for their transactions.

In private equity, we assist entrepreneurs, companies and investment funds for buyouts, LMBO or OBO, build-ups, venture and development capital. We also assist them for the implementation of package management and incentive mechanisms, in coordination with our tax department.

  • Acquisitions and sales of companies
  • Mergers, divisions, transfers and restructuring
  • Joint ventures and industrial agreements
  • Capital development
  • Venture capital
  • Structured finance
  • Mezzanine finance
  • Management packages, profit-sharing and incentive plans

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We advise listed companies with their market transactions such as subscriptions and redemptions of securities, bids, etc. We assist non-listed companies to make their market entry or to issue securities.

With regard to public offerings, we accompany them in the creation of market transactions, preparation of documentation and in their relations with the market authorities.

We also help asset management professionals in the creation and development of structures and management products (management companies, financial investment advising, regulated funds: Proximity investment funds, venture capital mutual funds, mutualised venture capital innovation funds,...), and in their relations with the market authorities.

We represent clients in litigations relating to stock exchange regulations, before regulatory authorities and all other jurisdictions.

  • Introduction on the stock market
  • Issuing of securities
  • Bids
  • Public offerings
  • Securities litigation
  • Creation of collective management societies and products
  • Financial Markets Authority Relations
  • Financial Markets Authority Investigations
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We assist companies with periods of financial difficulty by providing them the tools and legal frameworks that enable them to overcome such obstacles.

Alongside the company, its business leaders or its shareholders, we operate under preventive measures (ad hoc mandate or conciliation) and in collective proceedings (backup, reorganisation and liquidation proceedings).

We assist them in their negotiations with creditors, banks, suppliers and business partners in order to restructure their debt.

We advise the business partners of companies in difficulty (co-contractors, suppliers, customers) that may also be at risk of failure and that are often called upon to play an important role in the rehabilitation of the stressed companies.

We also assist investors in the process of taking over failing firms (Takeovers, equity investment, new capital contribution).

When the situation requires a business leader to be placed under the protection of a commercial court, we work alongside the other partners as well as the procedural bodies, such as administrators and legal representatives to find effective solutions that allow the continuation of the activity of the company.

  • Recovery procedures
  • Preventive procedures (ad hoc mandate and conciliation)
  • Collective proceedings (reorganisation and liquidation proceedings)
  • Criminal liability cases involving executives
  • Advice to purchasers of stressed companies
  • Advice to creditors
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We accompany and defend clients before all international administrative and judicial courts.

We represent companies in all types of commercial litigation: contractual disputes, claims for payment, liability actions (rupture of commercial relations, industry, forensics,...).

We work with financial or technical expertise firms to provide to the courts a better understanding of the issues.

  • Assistance as counsel or arbitrators in domestic and international arbitration
  • Litigation
  • Banking and Finance Litigation
  • Real estate litigation
  • Drafting of arbitration and mediation clauses
  • Assistance as counsel in domestic and international arbitration, ad hoc or institutional
  • Appointment as arbitrator and mediator
  • International commercial arbitration (ICC, UNCITRAL, OHADA,...) and in terms of investment disputes (ICSID)
  • International law and international trade
  • Contract law
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We accompany and defend individuals who may be implicated into legal conflicts such as money laundering, fraud and breach of trust, embezzlement or bribery of foreign and national public officials and generally in all areas related to economic and financial crimes.

  • Litigation of criminal law cases
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LARGE PROJECTS (Finance and Infrastructure)

We advise sponsors, banks, governments and other public bodies, financial institutions, construction companies and lenders on the full spectrum of project financing in various project structures and delivery systems (BOT, PFI, BOOT, DBFO, DBFM, PPP, 3P, licenses, and others) across energy, infrastructure, mining, real estate and construction, telecoms, etc., throughout the world. We provide our clients with a multi-disciplinary approach on all aspects of project work, conducting legal due diligence, risk allocation and reviewing the "bankability" of project agreements, financing arrangements (Bank and bond) and relevant security packages.

  • Project structuring
  • Project delivery
  • Risk analysis and management
  • Preparation of project documentation and contract negotiation
  • Transaction and project due diligence
  • Planning, environment and title acquisition advice
  • Project financing
  • Equity investment
  • Tax structuring
  • Acquisition and disposal of project interests
  • Dispute resolution and litigation advice when required
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We assist individuals, companies, public and semi-public authorities (State and local governments, public institutions and semi-public companies,...) for all questions of public law.

We advise them on their contractual arrangements (Consultation on public procurement and public service delegations, long-term administrative leases and land agreements).

We have a specific expertise concerning energy regulation and in supporting our clients in their projects of renewable energy, from creation to development.

We also cover urban planning and development law, civil service law and administrative law (administrative responsibility and institutions) that are carried out before administrative and judicial courts and administrative litigation.

  • Contracts and procurement
  • Contractual arrangements
  • Administrative responsibility
  • Administrative Litigation
  • Public service law
  • Public bids and execution of public agreements
  • Granting and control of public subsidies
  • Local planning documents required in real estate promotion transactions
  • Local planning management, implementation, approval and appeals
  • Urban planning and development
  • Energy Policy and Regulation
  • Environmental due diligence
  • Contaminated soil issues
  • Environmental licenses and permits
  • Assistance in legislation relating to mining and protected areas, water and coastlines, roads and highways
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We assist HR departments and business leaders to manage individual and collaborative work relations within their companies. We intervene to help them to develop their social strategy.

We also cover all stages of litigation, amicable resolutions or cases being pursued before labour courts, social security courts or concerning criminal labour law. 
With regard to individual work relations, we write labour contracts and respond to issues of disciplinary law, dismissal and contractual termination. We advise business leaders concerning status, remuneration and career management.

With regard to collaborative work relations, we intervene in the field of collective proceedings, employment preservation programs, information and consultation for staff representatives, relations with the labour administration and mass redundancy plans.

We also accompany companies in restructurings and outsourcing operations.

  • Contracting, remuneration systems and company policy
  • Individual labour relations
  • Employment protection planning
  • Relations with employee representative institutions
  • Employee savings plans
  • Executive status
  • Corporate Re-structuring and redundancy
  • Trade union relations
  • Social security and health and safety in the workplace
  • Expatriates
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We assist our clients for all questions of property law. We advise individuals and business leaders in optimizing their business and private assets, including management of taxes and cash flow.

We help them to structure their investments and projects, in particular in real estate.

With regard to successions, we work to ensure inheritance planning solutions.

We intervene as well in the event of tax or estate litigation.

Our international experience and network allow us to react quickly in all cases with cross-border dimensions.

  • Tax and property law
  • Real estate investments
  • Compensation optimisation
  • International tax
  • Inheritance and estate litigation
  • Trusts
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We assist companies to register, to protect and to enforce their trademarks, patents and copyrights.

We help our clients in the audio-visual, new technology and media sectors, as well as fashion, food products and health and beauty to negotiate licensing and other related commercial agreements and contracts.

We represent companies in all types of intellectual property litigation, including copyright infringement.

  • Review and verification of national and international trademark registration
  • Registration, management and protection of trademark portfolios, industrial designs and patents at a national and international level
  • Negotiation and drafting of trademark and patent assignment and licensing agreements
  • Buying and selling of intellectual property ownership rights
  • Compliance with advertising, music, cinema and television legislation
  • Outsourcing 
  • Data Protection
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Don't hesitate to contact us for more details.