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An Influencer can be an actor, a singer, a model, a sportsman, a comedian, a politician, a Top-Ceo,...

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Influencer Marketing is the use of an Influencer in a communication / marketing operation. It can range from advertising posters, commercial photographs, a classic appearance in a TV advertising spot or a video clip broadcasted to millions of viewers, a presence at a launch of a product to become an "ambassador of the brand" or when a brand and an Influencer collaborate to develop a collector product. Influencers have to give a few days to the brand for photo shots and a few others for public appearances. 

In a world of social networks and images, an Influencer helps the brand to be noticed by the general public but also to distinguish itself from the competition. Consumers increasingly want to identify themselves with Influencers who symbolise success, beauty, talent,... It also appears that the consumers judge Influencers more sincere, more down-to-earth, more convincing, and sometimes even more trustworthy, than an unknown spokesman. They are always more attracted to the message of a wellknown person. 
A spot with an Influencer represents a significant investment but the advertising also brings a lot of benefits to advertiser. It allows to attract the attention of the consumers and to give more interest to the message to increase the sales of the brand. The investment is profitable as the brand sees its turnover soar. An Influencer can bring a lot of money to a brand. 
The brand can use an already popular Influencer: classic without too much risk or a young star who has just been discovered: slightly more risky and opportunistic that works well with young people. 

Advertising posters and commercial photographs are fixed supports. The advantage of this medium is that it can be introduced into the daily life of everyone. Whether in the form of a large billboard, a poster in the tube or at the bus stop, the consumer is forced to notice it and to retain it by dint of seeing it. An image speaks much more than a video spot, as it is more symbolic. A fixed support, therefore a freeze-frame, allows a more intense concentration as regards of the interpretation of the image and of the message that it conveys. 
In magazines, we also find a lot of advertising highlighting a product alongside an Influencer. All the photos spreaded all over the magazines are seen by a good part of the population and have a big impact on the sales of the products in question. 

The advantage of a video advertising spot compared to a fixed poster is that it is viewed daily and several times by millions of viewers. The daily amount of commercials is very important. The standard advertising poster (the still image) is intended for a large consumer audience, but little by little these large panels are modernised, and thus we have commercials on car parks in shopping centres, in large neighbourhoods such as in London or New York where daily spots of major brands are displayed in front of thousands of passers-by and tourists, who are consequently influenced in their purchases. The directors of commercial spots make every effort to have a big influence on the televiewers and therefore on the consumers, that is why they use Influencers appreciated by almost the whole population, in general these Influencers make dream and push the consumer to do like them to become like them. In some commercials, the Influencers do not appear but they just lend their voice, that is to say that they are not seen in the advertising but one recognises their voice and this pushes the telespector to look closer the spot, sometimes it is not even the voice of an Influencer but the voice lent to an important character in a television series or a film, which attracts as much the viewer. Even if the listener does not see the person speaking, some voices are so identifiable, that it will create new idols, sometimes even old stars of the big screen are converted in this medium. 

There is another way, apart from advertising spots, to get promotion from a product to the television. It is advertising for products such as alcohol or tobacco in movies or television series. Indeed, some actors, in addition for being paid for a role held in a feature film, are also paid to show themselves with a specific product. This means of publicity is fairly widespread but the viewer does not always pay attention to it. 
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The Influencers get many benefits from the advertising. Their remuneration is often very high. Their salary can be as high as what they earn in their normal activity.
The remuneration is per contract and per year. Added to this are the profits on the product lines on behalf of the Influencers. The Influencers can even get their own line. 
With the development of the Internet, Influencers can also withdraw money using their Twitter profile to advertise for certain products. They can earn a lot of money for a single Tweet.
The process is very simple: Influencers receive a Tweet all ready, they only have to post on their Twitter profile. Then thousands of potential buyers will see the message and the Influencers get a commission. Both sides are winners.

At sponsored parties, cocktail parties, sporting events or inaugurating of boutiques, the brand asks to the celebrity to be present. She/he is thanked by gifts like for example: mobile phones, watch, clothes, bag, cosmetics, vouchers,... This technique allows the brand to use celebrity in advertising at lower cost. Journalists being invited to these evenings show the brand next to the celebrities to millions of readers. 
Photo stories can be shooted while Influencers are invited to travel. Hotels are quoted in the press and each one gain advantages. 

The endorsement is one of the most current practices of sponsoring. It consists for a brand to be lent, free of charge, to a Influencer to take advantage of his/her image, his/her impact with the general public and in most of the cases, more specifically with the young people. It allows not only to connect with the brand, the image of the artist, but also to increase the sales of the brand. This one being appreciated by the admirers who try to obtain the same one. The Influencer becomes an ambassador of the brand. 
Endorsement contracts can be short-lived, but most often are for durations of two years and renewable. Sometimes the collaboration can go as far as the brand is designed according to the requirements, tastes and ideas of the Influencer. This will be included in the products portfolio and marketed as a "signature model", with the celebrity placing his/her name on the products thus designed and participating in the communication. The contract of engagement entails mutual obligations. The Influencer is bound to use exclusively with the products of the brand to which he/she is bound (Exhibitions, demonstrations, sessions, dedications, master classes,...). For its part, the brand provides technical assistance to the endorsement and is thus mandatory to follow the process. The quality of service and the responsiveness of the brand have a big role in the satisfaction, support and loyalty of the Influencer. This is very important as competition among brands is strong and the best Influencers are overstretched. We advise to brands not to use too many Influencers for their promotion but rather selected Influencers. The best is to choose Influencers who are considered representative of a trend or a style to which the brand wishes to be identified. The Influencer must also have good visibility through his/her activities and that his/her audience be deeply marked by him/her. He/she must be recognisable, must have a peculiarity, a renown, and must have talents of demonstrator.
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Nowadays, in order to get the population to consume, advertisers often use different commercial techniques, such as associating a particular brand or product with a figure, a muse, an emblematic character. To get it done, they enter into a contract in which the company and the Influencers both have certain closures to respect. The Influencer, by his/her simple presence, will promote the memorisation of the ad and therefore the product while providing a certain guarantee.
The amount of remuneration varies according to the nature of the contract: it can be a single advertisement or on the contrary the Influencer can become the face of the brand. There may also be an exclusivity clause. Similarly, prices fluctuate according to the type of dissemination: national or international. The remuneration can also vary with the degree of notoriety of the Influencer at the time of signing the contract. 

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Brands must have the patience and the funds to respond to the famous whims of Influencers (an expensive salary, a left profile that must not be shown or an impossible schedule ...) but at the end the results are generally excellent. The Influencer Marketing is fast in terms of readability, effective to maximise sales and it allows to change a brand image or its strategic positioning in a single campaign. Unfortunately, the greater the benefits are, the greater the risks are. Using Influencers is a "risk taking". Several dangers arise when a brand decides to endorse an Influencer:
• The mistake of casting. That is why we will advise you and help you make the best choice according to the specificity of your brand and the values brought by the Influencer; 
• The private life of the Influencers sometimes causes scandal. Their overflow can not only destroy their career but also seriously damage the notoriety of the brand collaborating. That is why we will introduce clauses of good conduct and ethics and we will take certain precautions. For example no political taking side, no trash photo, no cosmetic surgery, no use of drugs that would change the image of the Influencer; 
• The infidelity of the Influencers to their employer. Certain Influencers change of brand without warning or promote different brands of the same industry at the same time. An overused image of the Influencer in recent years will make it difficult to associate her/him with a brand and too many brands create confusion in the mind of the consumer. That is why we will recommand you to ask for exclusivity to the Influencer and we will carry out an "audit of the Influencer", which will list the contracts signed by the Influencer before. This will avoids surprises. As you might don't want to use an Influencer who did promote in the past your main competitor or products totally different or opposite to yours.
• The Influencer blurs the product in terms of notoriety. That is why our expertise will tell you who will be the best celebrity to represent your brand. 

The credibility between the image of an Influencer and a product is the most important. Influencers in advertising campaigns serve to attract the consumer and sell more. But the advertiser must find a personality that shares the same values ​​as the products that she/he presents. It needs to be credible in the eyes of potential consumers.